As a designer, trying to live and work in a world shaped by design, which is constantly threatened by an end, I was interested in not only how the design of the world is bringing this end forward, but also how to work toward a resurgent world.

I believed that at the core of this resurgent world will be quality of the relationship between beings. I therefore attempted to create prototypes which research tenderness as the quality of a boundary between two beings, a being and its environment etc. For the purposes of the research process, I defined tenderness as a space of contact and care which is generative, continuous, and in flow. During the research, I covered a portion of my home with soil, and lived with it for a few months, letting a relationship between me and soil develop. In addition to that, I began learning shibari, researching binding as a practice, rather than a state of being bound. 
5. The reseach process aimed to offer a perspective on developing a design practice toward kinship, interdependence, and resurgence. 

The installation “prototyping tenderness” consists of several elements, which were used as instruments in the research process. 

1. Original handwritten notes and sketches;
2. A pile of earth;
3. A hemp rope;
4. The animation “Tvojta Taga” (Your Sorrow), shown on a screen;
5. The book “Prototyping Tenderness: A Personal Log of a Dying World”.

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