The spectacularly dystopian, self-fullfiling “end of humanity” narrative shapes our veryday life. Between the fear of the future and the paralysis of the present, we cannot seem to look away from our devices. The comfort of consumer culture, which exploits a ignificant part of the world’s human and natural resources, is within our reach whenever we face this inevitable doom. If we look closely, we might even observe how intricately connected they are. The beast is two headed: one head screams, the other eats.
Sprouted by Pollan’s “Botany of Desire”, the Prototypes for mutual pleasure are a suggestion to re-examine the existing model of domination which humanity practices
over the rest of the non-human world. Since looking for an alternative to it is often dismissed as idealism, perhaps another option would be to reinvent it as a model of domination based on mutual pleasure, open communication, and intimacy.
Prototypes for mutual pleasure is an installation and performance consisting of three ifferent prototypes which allow the audience to experience a consensual exchange of ower with another living or non-living subject, including the artist. All three prototypes incorporate intimacy as a platform for exchange of power and for achieving mutual
pleasure. The prototypes purposefully aim to create intimacy between humans and non-human subjects to enable a framework of care that escapes the anthropocentric rap.

Comissioned and exhibited by It’s easier to breathe underground in 2019; an annual group
show which reflects on the deadly levels of air polution our country has documented

photo by Jelena Belikj

photo by Goran Dimov

photo by Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov